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    CAC formulation development team holds the concept of green chemistry, environmental friendly, safety and high efficiency, and follows the requirement of intensification, simplification and mechanization. Meanwhile, 5-batch analysis and drug delivery technologies are two important directions of technical innovation in CAC.

    CAC Internal management system and SOP of R&D project organizing and innovative methodology of project evaluation developed from GEP/GLP system are the assurance of efficiency and quality of R&D work.

    The demand focused spirit of R&D helps CAC to focus our resources on ‘core’ projects or ‘core’ customer demands and accelerate industrialization process of R&D achievements. The innovative concept helps CAC to differentiate us in global market and capture market value of technology innovation.

    Now the formulation team of CAC has mastered the domestic leading R&D capacity in preparation of microcapsules, high efficiency dispersive stabilization of OD(oil dispersion), WG(water dispersible granule) with low melting point and high content and DF(dry flowable) formulations.