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    CAC adheres to the customer-centered, quality-management improvement of the company through full participation, process optimization and continuous promotion. It implements the ISO9001 standard and the third-party certification SGS certification, and accepts the SGS company's supervision audit or renewal every year. In order to ensure the effective operation of the management system, the company organizes internal audit and management review every year, conducts staged evaluation of the company's quality management system, seeks opportunities for continuous improvement, and formulates corrective measures for internal audit and SGS supervision and audit findings, tracking verification improvements. The company will continue to maintain the quality management system and protect the company's development and sustainable development.    

    CAC Group has dedicated quality supervision and inspection department, equipped with excellent equipment and perfect inspection methods. The high capability technology development department provides strong technical support for quality control and assurance. The company deepens the quality control work and provides the improvement product quality, provides the deep after sales service zealously for all the customers as well.